stock-photo-familyAt Faith, we look at becoming a member in a different way than some churches. We see it as more than just saying “I do,” and getting your name on the rolls. When you become a Christian, you commit your life to Christ. When you join a local church, you commit yourself to being an active participant in the life of that local church. You’re saying: “I’m home. This is where I’m going to give and be given to; where I’ll serve and be served; where I’ll love and be loved.” In short, membership at Faith means something…and we invite you to be a part of it!

Our Membership vows are simple, and cover the breadth of what it means to be an active follower of Jesus Christ, through our:

prayers, we are a people of prayer – for each other, for our church, and for our world;

presence, from worship to studies and community life at our church, we expect you to get engaged @ Faith;

gifts, God does not want your money – he wants your heart – and one of the ways we engage in transforming the world is by giving of what we have been blessed with, so through the church we can be a blessing to others;

service, maybe teaching is your thing, or maybe it’s washing dishes behind the scenes, whatever it is, as members we all take the time to help make ministry happen at Faith;

and witness, we don’t expect you to canvas the neighborhood with bible tracts, we do expect you to be comfortable with your faith, and sharing it with those you know and love – we share a faith in an awesome God.

If you would like to explore membership with the Pastor, simply fill out the form below to request a meeting.

This will be an opportunity for you to find out more about who we are at Faith United Methodist Church, our story, what we believe, and what our vision for the future is. In addition, you’ll have time to meet with the Pastor, ask the questions or raise concerns that you might have about Faith or our tradition.

IF you decide that you would like to join Faith, we’ll walk you through a simple form, and we’ll also work to schedule a time for you to formally join the church in worship, on a Sunday and at a service of your choosing.

If you have been baptized and/or are a member of another church – we’ll simply transfer your membership and accept you as you are!

If you have never been baptized, we will be honored to shepherd you through learning about baptism, and setting up a time when we can both celebrate your baptism and your membership in the church at the same time in worship.


Baptism is the beginning of a lifelong process of growth in Christ. It is the sacrament of initiation into the Body of Christ, the Church, which joins the person with Christians everywhere. As a sacrament ordained by Christ, it can only be received once, but its effects are lasting. Any Christian baptism is recognized by The United Methodist Church. We baptize all ages, recognizing that it is an act of Christ, not ours, that takes place – an outward and visible sign of what is an inward, and spiritual grace.

Billy Moss, Pastor