Welcome to Group Life @ Faith Church

Wherever two or more of you are gathered in my name, there I will be also…” Matt. 18:20

If you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus, you need to have intentional relationships with people who have the same goal – and Growth Groups are the ideal place for that. A Growth Group is a group of 4-10 people who meet off-campus in order to learn, share, and grow in faith and friendships. Groups will create a healthy dynamic by encouraging each other to balance fellowship, prayer, study, and service.

If you’re looking to get connected in a growth group or want more information on growth groups at Faith, contact our Group Life Coordinator, Mindy Jacoby, at: mindy.jacoby@bankofamerica.com; or call the church office: 816.847.0008.

*The most natural time to join a group is when new groups are forming and existing groups are starting new studies.  Our first sign-up window Open right now! (Registration Below)

Small Groups

  • Play Together
    BBQs, bowling nights, dinner and a movie…what sounds fun to you?  At least once a semester your group will leave the study book at home and have a night of fun!
  • Pray Together
    God invites us to share our needs, concerns, and dreams with Him through prayer.  Praying for each other is powerful and life-changing.
  • FaithGrowLearn Together
    We all need to continue learning about God and faith rather than relying on our own assumptions or absorbing what the world around us has to say. In Growth Groups we accomplish this by digging into the Bible and recommended studies, and then applying that knowledge to our lives. Everyone can read a book in isolation, but discussing new findings, engaging in conversation with others and being challenged by new perspectives is the only way to grow in that knowledge. Learn how you can be changed from the inside out.
  • Serve Together
    At Faith, we are committed to serving our community and world both within the church and beyond these walls. Your group will be encouraged to pursue a serving opportunity in the church, community, or beyond.


Small Group Hosts

We are always looking for new group hosts so that we can continue forming new groups.  HOSTing a Growth Group is simple:

  • Act as the point of contact for your group
  • Host a few people in your home (restaurants and coffee shops also work well) for about 7 sessions
  • Watch a brief online video training

If you’re interested in serving as a Group Host, contact Group Life Coordinator, Mindy Jacoby, at: mindysuej@gmailcom; or call the church office: 816.847.0008