hope-handHearts & Hands in The Valley

When Jesus walked among us, he brought good news to the poor and love and compassion to the hurting. He called attention to suffering and challenged us to transform this world for the good, through both our love and our actions.

At Faith, we believe that we are called to leave the walls of the church, to go into the world to bring hope and healing. Whether it’s across the globe in Mozambique, or right here in our own backyard, we seek to be the hearts and hands of a loving God. We partner with mission programs from Kansas City to Africa and India, and serve the people with hands on missions here in our own community of Grain Valley.

Our Partners in Serving the World…

Faith Serves

This is our most dynamic, hands-on mission experience at Faith. We help local organizations and agencies do their work serving the people of Kanas City, from Harvester’s to Della Lamb and Habitat for Humanity, and help people in and around Grain Valley with needs in their homes, providing work teams, food, and much more each month.

Grain Valley Assistance Council

Through our friends at the GVAC, we help serve people in Grain Valley by providing food, clothing, and general assistance to low income families and individuals in need. We collect food and various supplies monthly, and participate in various programs throughout the year.

Festival of Sharing

The Festival of Sharing seeks to generate financial, material, and personnel resources to combat hunger, poverty, crisis and injustice. We support them through donations, health and school kits, and hands on volunteering.

Mozambique Covenant

The Mozambique Initiative partners churches, groups and individuals within the United Methodist Church of Missouri to our sister churches in Mozambique. These partnerships strengthen the church in Mozambique and are the backbone of Missouri’s mission and ministry beyond the borders of our state. Faith supports this through our prayers, donations, and our annual covenant to support a local church in Mozambique.

Project Patricia

One of the invisible needs of the world is the sanitary needs of women throughout developing nations in Africa – one of the most critical of these needs is for maxi pads for women and girls of age. Project Patricia makes reusable, sustainable, cloth maxi-pads and distributes them through missionaries.

By meeting the physical needs of women, with a long term, sustainable solution, the project seeks to share the love of Christ. A group of Faith ladies meets periodically to help sew and assemble these pads and the people of Faith regularly donate the supplies necessary for this project.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

This ministry started in 2010, with ladies of Faith knitting and crocheting shawls for individuals with illness, or for bereavement, as a bridal gift and sewing comforters for high school graduates. The gifts are given to individuals during Sunday Worship, or discreetly when called for.